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African American English Voice casting - Part 2 : Male Voice

Please read the following information carefully before starting the survey

Purpose of the survey

Choose the first African American English Male voice created by Acapela for the AAC market.

You will hear at least 8 and up to 20 messages recorded by several male voice-talents, selected based on the results of the pre-casting.
Listen to all of them carefully and place a score between 1 (very bad) and 5 (very good) that reflects your opinion on the voice.

  • Is it pleasant? Is the pronunciation clear, easily understandable?
  • Do you find this voice to have an accent with which most AAE speakers might identify?
  • Do you think this voice is suitable for someone who uses AAC?

Use the comment field to explain what you like or dislike with the voice.


Only participate if you speak English fluently.

  • Do the test in a quiet place.
  • Verify that the sound level is loud enough to hear the sound details properly.
  • Don't judge the audio quality of the recordings, just the voice itself.

We estimate this survey will take 20-30 minutes to complete.
However, after rating 8 messages, which will take approximately 10 minutes, you have the option to submit your results at any time and exit the survey.

Are you a member of the African American community?

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What is your relation to AAC?